Author Interview: Lisa Papademetriou

Author Lisa Papademetriou (Photo courtesy of Random House)

“I was always a writer and I knew I wanted to write for children, but people said it was impossible, that I’d never make a living doing that, so I went into ‘editorial’ instead”. While working at Alloy, editing mass market paperbacks for younger audience (e.g. Sweet Valley High), Lisa Papademetriou noticed that SOME people DO make a living writing for children and she dropped out of business school to pursue her real passion and become a New York Times bestselling author.

Her original intention was to be a fantasy writer, but people asked her to “write those funny stories you tell about when you were in high school”, so she ended up writing contemporary, middle grade realistic fiction.  Her most recent series, Confectionately Yours, has a substantial fan base at my middle school as does Middle School: My Brother is a Big Fat Liar, which she co-wrote with James Patterson.cupCAKE

Her new book A Tale of Highly Unusual Magic will be released in October 2015. Two middle school aged girls, one in Texas and one in Pakistan, each find a blank book.  They do not know each other, but what they write in their book gets seen by the other girl on the other side of the world…AND the book itself has a story to tell too! The idea was inspired by her MFA Thesis on the ‘concept of destiny’ which she says is the story we tell ourselves that makes our lives have meaning.

In addition to writing books, poems and short stories,  Lisa has a hilarious website for teaching grammar: Ivana Correctya and an app, Grammarous.

Ellen Brandt is the school librarian at Blanchard Middle School in Westford


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