From the Editors

Over the years, the MSLA Forum has provided members with exciting and informative articles from members and guest contributors.  Many volunteers have worked long hours to write, edit and format the Forum, originally in a paper version that was mailed to members and later in an online version.  The Executive Board and the new Forum Co-Editors have decided to move the Forum to this new WordPress platform for ease in publishing and content delivery.  We will be able to push out links via the MSLA website and listserv, and this WordPress platform also allows members to subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed in order to receive automatic updates. This new platform allows for cost-effective and facilitated delivery.

Forum articles will include updates from the MSLA president and Executive Board members,  recurring columns and special features.  Readers can browse the blog chronologically or via the article links, categories and tags on the right sidebar.  We hope you enjoy the new Forum and find information valuable to your practice as a school librarian.

Co-Editors: Jennifer Dimmick & Katherine Steiger

Jennifer Dimmick is a librarian at Newton South High School

Katherine Steiger is the librarian at Pollard Middle School


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